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Getting Started

TFS Test Case Review is designed to work very much the same as Microsoft Test Manager. To get started, you first need to click the "Open Test Plan" button open a Test Plan that has been created in MTM. TFS Test Case Review will open the Test Suites and allow you to review Test Cases by clicking the "Open Test Case" button.

Reviewing Test Cases

The Test Case view loads and displays all the test steps for the test case similar to how they would look in the Test Case Running in Test Manager. All the paramters are highlighted in green and show both the parameter name and value for the current iteration. There is an Iteration dropdown that allows you to change iterations. The highlighted values will automatically change for each iteration allowing you to review the iteration data in addition to the test steps.

Adding Comments

When you select a Test Step, you can click the "Insert Comment" button to display a Comment text box for each Test Step. When you save the Test Case the comments are saved in the Test Case and will be visible next time you load the Test Case. Note that the comments are only visible within TFS Test Case Review and will not be visible in Test Manager.

NOTE: The comments are associated with the Test Step by the Step Number. If you add or remove steps in the Test Case through Test Manager, then the comments may no longer match up with the original test step.

Adding a StepComment field in TFS

In order to save the Test Step Comments in the Test Case, TFS Test Case Review needs a place to store it. If you don't make any changes to TFS, the application will store the Test Step Comments into the History comment section of the Test Case Work Item in TFS. Although this solution works fine, the more ideal solution is to create a custom field in the Test Case Work Item for this data to be stored. TFS Test Case Review supports this scenario if a field exists for it to use. You will need to add this field to TFS and configure TFS Test Case Review to use it.

When TFS Test Case Review cannot find a custom field in the Test Case Work Item, it will show the user a message indicating so. This message helps users to discover that the ability to configure a custom field is possible. The default fieldname that TFS Test Case Review uses is TFSTools.StepComments.

If you decide you want to add a custom field, here is the field definition that you should place in the work item template:

<FIELD refname="TFSTools.StepComments" name="Step Comments" type="HTML" />

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